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About Us


Electronic Waste Recycling

Goodwill E-cycle is our electronics recycling and refurbishment operation, addressing the growing issue of electronic waste. As the pace of technology continues to increase, so does the volume of items like computers, tablets and phones that need to be recycled or refurbished.

Goodwill has been recycling and repurposing since our beginnings over 100 years ago. We were green long before it was popular, and sustainability is an important part of all Goodwill operations. Goodwill E-cycle aligns with our commitment to being green by keeping millions of pounds of electronic waste out of landfills. Bringing the electronics processing in-house is a natural fit for our organization and our mission of being socially and environmentally responsible.

“Goodwill has experience with the destruction and recycling of secure documents through Goodwill DataShield, so working with electronic waste made sense given our history,” says Mike Matus, Vice President of Sales and Strategic Solutions.

“Because e-waste is such a new concept, most companies don’t have disposal plans in place or are paying excessive fees to private sector providers. Our business partners can rely on us as a secure resource for their electronic waste, and our R2 Certification gives them piece of mind that our upstream and downstream vendors are as careful as we are with their materials,” says Matus.

Goodwill E-cycle is part of Goodwill Manufacturing, Inc. a subsidiary of  Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin and Metropolitan Chicago, the largest of more than 162 Goodwill organizations in the world. Through the donation of electronic waste, Goodwill E-cycle is able to employ and train people with disabilities and disadvantages in the refurbishment and resale of computers and other electronics.