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Goodwill ReTech

Reusing donated equipment

Your Source for Refurbished Electronics 

Reuse is our first priority when deciding how to manage donated equipment.

Goodwill Manufacturing, Inc., under the Goodwill ReTech brand name, refurbishes electronics such as laptops, tablets and cell phones for resale online . In addition we also sell interesting electronic collectibles, such as vintage cameras, gaming systems and first generation computer equipment. 

We will inspect all items for cosmetic wear and assess newer technology to ensure it will fit the needs of today’s marketplace. If it has current technology and looks like a quality product, we will ensure that the data storage device is removed and any existing data is destroyed through a certified data destruction process and/or physical destruction.

The rest of the unit goes through a battery of tests and a thorough inspection of its components and functions to ensure that everything works as it was intended.

When we are finished with our process, quality refurbished technology and collectible electronics can be found here.